The Missing Link / Episode 2 / Seafarer Welfare or Lack Thereof. A Seafarer’s Perspective

Pay rates that differ based on the colour of your skin, forced overtime, not being paid regularly, not being able to easily communicate with friends and family ashore, not being supplied with basic amenities whilst on board and not being able to go ashore. NOT BEING PROVIDED ADEQUATE FOOD AND POTABLE WATER on board ships carrying millions and millions of euros worth of products to our shores. These are just some examples Ikenna shares win this podcast.   

In this episode, you’ll hear directly from a Seafarer about how tough life can be at sea. You’ll hear about breaches of human rights and legal rights that some seafarers suffer bringing the products to our shores everyday that we consume.

We chat with Ikenna Ebin Idika, a Seafarer and a poet. Ikeena who writes poetry as a outlet and a way to express the hardship he and his fellow seafarers face. In this podcast you will hear two of Ikeena’s poems, ‘A Seafarer, I am’ and ‘Gender Restricted’