The Missing Link / Episode 1 / Frank Coles Frank Coles discusses Seafarer Welfare (Human Rights)

Bryce Lawrence and Frank Coles discuss Seafarer Welfare (Human Rights) as an emerging issue in ESG / Sustainability Supply Chain Analysis

In this episode, Frank Coles shares his experience inside the maritime industry as a master mariner, a lawyer and the ex-CEO of a number of large successful Maritime companies. He shares how the inability to address the Seafarer Welfare Human Rights problem adequately from within the industry, was one factor for him leaving his role as a CEO of a large ship management company at the end of 2020.

Seafarer Welfare has become a worsening human rights problem in the supply chain of most of the goods coming to our shores on ships during COVID, but the problem has always been there. Acknowledged by the industry as a problem, but largely unknown to the companies putting their goods on those ships.

Importers, Exporters and Maritime Financial Institutes are starting to focusing on ESG / Sustainability issues in the shipping part of their supply chain, but only in the area of CO2 emissions. They are largely unaware if this problem.

The Cold Reality for Thousands of Seafarers

Forced Overtime,

Little or no access to medical treatment,

No shore leave in many ports around the world,

Work/rest hours abuses,

Inadequate nutrition,

Seafarers being lied to about when they will be allowed shore leave or even worse, when they get to fly home to their families,

Not being paid for months at a time, if at all,

Crews being forced to sign documents stating they are voluntarily staying at sea for a second 9 month voyage, despite this still being illegal,

Internet turned off to prevent home and inter-ship communications as well as with labour unions, and

Rape and Sexual Abuse of Seafarers.