Working with the Oil Industry

Our goal is to maintain independence from the service providers of FSPO’s, Drill Ships, Drill Rigs and Support Vessels, therefore not having conflicts of interest like other vessel vetting and inspection services.

Unlike other organisations who provide similar vessel auditing services to the oil industry, we have nothing to lose by digging deep into the issues of Seafarer Welfare and Ship Breaking for our clients.

Here is how we can work with you…

Drill Rigs, Drill Ships and FPSO’s

If you are looking to conduct due diligence on a drill rig, drill ship or FPSO, then the crew welfare risks tend to be much lower in this area, the focus should tend to how your (potential) service provider disposes of their assets (Ship Breaking).

Tanker Charters and Support Vessels

Here the focus will be on both Seafarer Welfare and the floating asset disposal practices (Ship Breaking) of your (potential) service and asset providers.

30 Minute Online Consultation – No Cost – No Obligation

Our main focus during this session is to share more details of the problems faced by Seafarers and the issues associated with Ship Breaking.

Contract Review

We help our clients review their existing (and potential) contracts with service and charter providers. We identify if they have acceptable clauses addressing seafarer welfare and ship breaking, as well as checking the clauses are enforceable by our clients.

Procurement Due Diligence

During the procurement of services and charters, we help our clients:

  • Draft ESG / Sustainability minimum expectations in Tender Documents,
  • Review offers regarding Seafarer Welfare and Ship Breaking,
  • Provide background information regarding potential service providers past practices and reputation,
  • Due diligence inspections and audits of a selection of vessels from a potential service provider during tender assessments, before contract signing to confirm .

Vessel Inspections and Contract Audits

This is the strength of using our services. We have no shipping industry conflicts of interest. We conduct independent inspections and audits of vessels against the most relevant shipping industry ESG / Sustainability matters (excluding CO2 footprinting).

We focus on Seafarer Welfare, something that traditional ship inspection services gloss over allowing the Seafarer Welfare problem to exist throughout the industry.

ESG / Sustainability Reporting

If required, we provide summary confirmation of the work we conduct for our clients. We provide appropriate text, giving a summary of issues and progress made. This text can be included in annual ESG / Sustainability Reports.