Our Services

Independent Ethical ESG Ship Vetting

Seafarer Welfare is a major human rights topic, and Ship Breaking is a major humans rights, safety and environmental topic in the global supply chain. Most of the goods we consume around the world are delivered by ships to our shores. Yet ESG and Sustainability Risk Management hasn’t traditionally addressed these problems.

Global Risk Management’s independent ESG Ship Vetting services are a global first, designed to help Importers, Exporters, Freight Forwarders and Financial Institutions understand and manage their ESG risks.

How We Support Our Clients

  • Helping your team better understand the risks
  • Supporting the development of Seafarer Welfare and Ship Breaking internal values and policy documents
  • Reviewing Shipping Service Contracts
  • Supply of Good Practice Contract Clauses/Support Contract Negotiations
  • Conducting Shipping Service Procurement Due Diligence
  • Conducting Vessel and Ship Recycling Yard Inspections and Contract Audits
  • Supporting your relationship with your suppliers to help make ESG improvements
  • ESG / Sustainability Reporting

Truly Independent

ESG Ship Vetting is unique. Very unique. As far as we know we are the only ESG focused ship vetting company in the world.  What’s more, as far as we know, we are the only completely independent ship vetting company that does not have conflicts of interest. We have no conflicts of interest because we do not provide services to the shipping industry.

Our Commitment to Our Clients

  • We help our clients implement their ESG / Sustainability values, assure their stakeholders and protect their reputation,
  • We will remain independent and non-conflicted. We give the most honest, unbiased, evidence based assessment possible, against existing good practice standards,
  • We only work for non-shipping companies, such as importers, exporters, freight forwarders and finance companies, for the purpose of ESG / Sustainability Risk Management.