Bryce Lawrence ESG Ship Vetting

Bryce Lawrence, Founder – Hamburg, Germany

Bryce comes from an environmental, safety, emergency response, maritime regulation and maritime search and rescue background. Through this experience, Bryce was exposed to the plight of seafarers on tankers, container ships and fishing vessels. 

During his time working in energy industry projects around the world, Bryce was involved in ESG and Sustainability risk assessments, vessel vetting /chartering projects, and Mergers & Acquisition projects.

He became an experienced ESG Risk Management specialist, leading projects that positively impacted the environment as well as vulnerable and indigenous people, as well as building operational due diligence skills during a significant number of M&A projects.

ESG Ship Vetting combines his skills and experience in an area he is passionate about. Helping vulnerable people by supporting clients who care about their supply chain.

Frank Coles ESG Ship Vretting

Frank J Coles, Strategic Advisor – Florida, USA

Frank is a Master Mariner, Maritime Lawyer, and former CEO of two internationally respected Maritime Technology companies as well as, but more importantly, the former CEO of a Ship and Crew Management company. 

At the end of 2020, Frank resigned from this role as CEO of a ship and crew management company with some 250 ships, partly due to the inability to make the required positive changes he believed were needed to be made for seafarer welfare. Since then, he has committed a large portion of his time to advocating for seafarer welfare. Using his inside industry knowledge, he is now trying to positively influence the lives of seafarers from a different perspective.